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Registration To-Dos

2023-2024 Registration NOW OPEN


Click on the Appropriate Tryout Registration Link

15s & 16sTryout Registration 2023-2024 -- Both Tomahawk & Minocqua Based Teams

Projective Teams for 23-24 Season

Team Tomahawk Based Minocqua Based Combination Base
12 X No Team This Season
13u X No Team This Season
14u X X
15u No Team This Season X
16u No Team This Season X
17u No Team This Season No Team This Season

At this time, based on coaches, here are the project teams for the 23-24 season.  If there is an "X" in the location column, that means that is where a team will be based in, which means where the practices will be held.  However, due to facility availablity teams may be required to practice in other towns/locations based in a different location than orginally thought of.   ALL need to be willing to travel to practice if this is the case.

As these are our projected teams, a team is not known for sure until tryouts have occurred to determine if there is enough interest from players.

Tryout Information

Team Date Time Locaiton
13s & 14s (Tomahawk Based Team) Sunday, Oct 8 11:00am - 1:00pm Tomahawk Field House
12 (Tomahawk Based Team) Sunday, Oct 15 1:30pm - 3:00pm Tomahawk Field House
14s (Minocqua Based Team) Sunday, Oct 22 1:00pm - 3:00pm LUHS
15s (Minocqua Based Team) Saturday, Nov 11 1:00pm - 3:00pm Tomahawk Field House
16s ( Minocqua Based Teams Saturday, Nov 11 8:30am - 11:00am Tomahawk Field House
  • Players must first try out at their age level before trying out at an older age group.
  • All tryouts will be held at one location this year, no matter where the team will be based out of.

Tryout Registration Process

The registration portal for both Badger Region and NW Stars are the same.  Badger Region has partnered with SportsEngine, and all registration will be done through SportsEngine, and to keep everything on the same platform, so you only need to have one account we decided to move to SportsEngine as well. 

There will be at least two possibly three registrations you will need to complete.

1. SportsEngine Account Creation (If you already have a SportsEnigne account you can skip this step)

2. Badger Region Registration

3. NW Stars Tryout Registration 

SportsEngine Account Registration

You must have a SportsEngine account to register for USAV/Badger Region and NW Stars.  If you have an account, can continue on to Badger Region Registration.


Parents create their account, and then ADD children to their account.  As you start to register for memberships you will be able to select which child you are registering.


1. Go to

2. Enter the primary account holders information (parent information)

3. Fill out the requested information

4. Once Complete, click Sign-up

5. Navigate to your email to find the activation email, Click Activate My Account


Once you are logged on, you can continue to the USAV/Badger Region Registration step, and select the link to sign up for the membership


Click here for more information on how to create your SportsEngine account

USAV/Badger Region Registration

You must be a current registered member of USAV Volleyball to participate in Badger Region and USA Volleyball events. Whether you want to officiate at Badger Region tournaments, join a Badger Region club team, score at tournaments, coach a team or run a club, you must be a registered member.

Click here to being Badger Region Registration 

Two Memberships to choose from which one should I pick?
23-24 Badger Tryout vs.  23-24 Badger Junior Player Membership

There will be two options to chose from when registering for USAV/Badger Region.  When answering the question, "How Long will the Player be Participating"

  • Badger Tryout  This is $10, valid for participation as a junior player in up to five tryouts,  Recommended for those new to club volleyball or unsure if they will participate for the duration of the 2024 season.
    • This membership can be upgraded to a full membership (for an additional $45) at a later time
  • Badger Junior Player Membership  $55, valid through Aug. 31, 2024, for all event participation. Recommended for athletes who have already accepted a retention offer or are CERTAIN they will participate  during the entire 2024 club season. {Select “athlete” and “season” in the Sports Engine quizzard.}

There will be NO refunds for these memberships


Link to the USAV/Badger Region Membership Information

NW Stars Tryout Registration

There is a $20 fee to tryout for NW Stars, if registered by 11/8/2023 if after this date, the fee will go up to $30.  No on site registration, it must all be done on-line.

Scroll back to the top to select the correct registration based on age and location.


If already signed into your SportsEngine account, the welcome page will appear and you will enter the information being requested and follow the prompts to continue on to each page.  


If you are not signed into your SportsEngine account, you will be promoted to sign in, then the welcome page will appear.


The $20 NW Stars tryout fee is seperate from USVA Membership fee.  The fee is nonrefundable, and will be due the day of tryouts.